Damien Hirst ‘Butterfly Heart’ Gifted to Purley Oaks

We are very proud to share the news with parents, carers and pupils that Purley Oaks has been gifted a Damien Hirst Butterfly Heart.

The Turner Prize-winning artist created the rainbow heart design filled with butterflies, one of his motifs, to pay tribute to charities and individuals helping to feed vulnerable Londoners during the coronavirus crisis. Hirst said it was a symbol of ‘solidarity and hope’.

At his own cost, Damien Hirst has sent the works of art to hospitals, nursing homes and other worthy causes and individuals across Britain. He said, ‘Big thanks to all of you for your support and generosity and for sharing the love and making this possible, I’m so pleased with the result and I hope you are too!’ (Damien Hirst Twitter Feed).

It is now in pride of place outside the school hall for all our pupils and staff to see. Once the school is able to welcome back parents and carers we are sure you will enjoying viewing the piece too.