Volunteering in School

Volunteers bring a range of skills and experience that enhances the learning opportunities for our children. We welcome volunteers from the local community. A volunteer is an unpaid adult who provides support to our school.

Our volunteers include:

  • Members of the Governing Board
  • Parents of pupils
  • Students on work experience
  • Ex-members of staff
  • Local residents
  • Church members

Activities that volunteers are engaged in include: hearing children read, working with small groups of children, undertaking arts and craft activities and accompanying classes on school trips.

Becoming a Volunteer

Anyone wishing to become a volunteer, either for a one off event or on a more regular basis should complete an application form, or request a paper copy from the school office.   Before starting to help in school volunteers will be required to complete a number of forms such as:  the Volunteer Agreement, a risk assessment and a reference received.  A DBS is also required, which means that the volunteer will not be able to begin volunteering until this is received.


Volunteers in school are bound by our Confidentiality Policy. All staff members, voluntary helpers and visitors should be aware that information relating to individual children or members of staff is totally confidential. Whilst in school volunteers may hear conversations which are of a confidential nature. These cover aspects such as children’s academic progress, behaviour, or home circumstances. All information relating to individual children and staff is totally confidential and volunteers must respect this. Any concerns that volunteers have about the children they work with or come into contact with should be shared with the class teacher and NOT with the parents of the child or any persons outside school. These comments, particularly if taken out of context can cause distress to the parents of the child if not heard directly from the school. A situation may arise in school, where the duty to the child is greater than that to the parent. If a child discloses something, this information should be shared promptly with the child’s teacher or Headteacher.


All volunteers work under the supervision of the class teacher to which they are assigned and should be supervised by a them at all times.  Volunteers should feel confident to carry out the task they have been assigned and should seek further advice/guidance from the teacher in the event of a query or problem regarding a child’s behaviour or understanding of a task.

Health and Safety

The school has a Health and Safety Policy. Class teachers should ensure that volunteers are clear about emergency procedures (e.g. fire evacuation) and about any safety aspects associated with a particular task (e.g. using cookery equipment).  If a volunteer attends a school trip, their emergency contact details will be requested. Volunteers need to exercise due care and attention and report any obvious hazards or concerns to the class teacher or Headteacher.

Complaints Procedure

Any complaints made about a volunteer, or by a volunteer will be referred to the Headteacher for investigation and the school has the right to take the following actions:

  • Speak with the volunteer about a breach in the Volunteer Agreement
  • Offer an alternative placement for a volunteer
  • Inform the volunteer that they are no longer required to help in school

Discloure Form for all School Volunteers and Governors

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