Our Vision and Ethos


At Purley Oaks we firmly believe that every child will be supported, valued and challenged. We are ambitious for our children and their families and are driven by our moral purpose to ensure that everything we do has a positive impact on the children’s lives. We are determined that our children will take pride in their learning and themselves and that they will strive for excellence.

By working closely together and continuously improving our practice, there is no limit to what can be achieved.


At Purley Oaks our ethos is based on five themes: CARING, SHARING, LEARNING, LISTENING and OURSELVES.

This ethos underpins everything we do. We provide our pupils with a rich social awareness and respect for others so that their contribution to the school community and society is both positive and one of tolerance.

Our broad and balanced curriculum promotes spiritual, moral and cultural values, as well as mindfulness and the physical health of our pupils, which unites our Purley Oaks community as we strive for excellence.

Democracy, the rule of law and individual liberty are also integral to our school values. We ensure that all our pupils understand these principals as they begin to make their own meaningful contribution to our school and the wider community.

Our ethos and values are disseminated to children across all areas of the school and curriculum. We hold regular assemblies to teach our children about each ethos theme and how this relates to the school and the wider community. PSHE lessons are also linked to our ethos and during every RE lesson pupils discuss social awareness and tolerance. Religious education forms a strong part of our curriculum. For two days every term we learn about the main world religions using a range of resources, as well as class discussion, children’s own experiences and special assemblies.

Democracy and liberty are discussed freely within class circle times; such discussions are also linked to any current or relevant news stories. Our Eco and School Council elect their own representatives from each class.

We also run various clubs where the children can socialise with different year groups, make new friends and develop new skills such as: Zumba, dance, netball, football, art, maths, reading and more.