Our Team

Purley Oaks Children’s Centre is enthusiastic about supporting young children and their families.  The warm and friendly atmosphere at the centre helps to make everyone feel welcome. Our aim is to help families access appropriate information, advice, guidance, skills, training and personal development opportunities.


Jackie Carter  -  Children’s Centre Coordinator, Family Support and Deputy DSL

Liz Dombrandt  -  Early Years Practitioner and Family Support

Ann Williams - Early Years Practitioner

Vimla Dauhoo  -  Activity Assistant

Toni Steventon  -  Administrator

Lucy Tosh  -  Story Time Practitioner

You can contact us via email at: purleyoakscc@purleyoaks.croydon.sch.uk, or visit our Facebook page.

Safeguarding Statement

The Children's Centre gives the highest importance to the safeguarding and welfare of children. The Governors and staff carry out their responsibilities efficiently, effectively and diligently to ensure that the Children's Centre is a safe environment for children and families. The Senior Designated Safeguarding officer for Purley Oaks Primary School is Corinne Forde. The Designated Safeguarding officer for Purley Oaks Children’s Centre is Jackie Carter.

If you have any concerns about the welfare of a child or family please do not hesitate to talk to a member of staff.