Multi Use Games Arena

Dear parents and carers,

 Yesterday, in assembly, I talked with the children about what they would like to make Purley Oaks an even better place to learn and play than it already is.

 The children had many brilliant ideas but the most popular one was for the school to develop our outside space to improve the opportunities we have for learning throughout the whole day.

 At Purley Oaks, we have a small arena area that the children use for PE, other outside learning and at lunchtimes. We also have a little patch of grass, which is too wet and boggy to play on for most of the year.

 We would like to replace the current arena and grass area and provide an larger all-weather space that will be somewhere for all the children to play, and can be used for year-round sports development within the school and in the wider community (outside of school hours).

 Ideally, we want a Multi-Use Games Area (MUGA). I shared the artist’s impression attached with the children and they were very excited with this opportunity.

 We have had estimates that this will cost between £130,000 and £150,000. We would like to raise this money through events, sponsorship and external funding.

 Therefore, I have agreed with the children that from now on, EVERY PENNY raised at Purley Oaks will go towards our MUGA Fund. This will include:

     •         Contributions from the PTA raised at events like the winter and summer fairs, school discos and by using  – please support them in any way you can

    •         Money raised from our SCHOOL LOTTERY – did you know if each member of our school community bought just one lottery ticket a week we would be able to raise the funds needed in just a few years? Sign up at:

    •         Donations to our school from members of our community and suppliers

    •         External funding grants

    •         Sponsorship from local/national businesses

 We will also apply for grants to match fund our activities and I am asking every member of our community to help us reach our goal. We will put the project out to tender once we have raised sufficient funding.

 The governors have invested heavily in our school over recent years and you will know what a lovely environment the school is.

 However, we no longer have the funds to develop areas like this by ourselves. Therefore, I am asking you, as parents and carers of children in our school, along with the staff and governors and the rest of the community, to help us achieve our ambition.

 If you have any ideas about how we can raise additional funds please do contact us.

 Thank you for your support. I will be in touch with updates and more information soon.

 Yours sincerely,

 Mr R J Griffin