Fire Alarm Information

Dear parents and carers,

As many of you will be aware the fire alarm was activated at the start of school this morning.

This was not a planned drill. The fire alarm was activated by someone pressing the alarm button whilst trying to exit the school by the hall.

All the children exited the premises quietly and calmly but we noticed that some parents were not aware how to respond when the fire alarm goes off.

In order to ensure everyone’s safety please can all parents and carers note the following in the event that the fire alarm goes off before or after school:

*   Please keep away from the buildings. DO NOT walk between the main building and the Children’s Centre or come into the main playground from the car park entrance. If the building is on fire you will be putting yourself and your children at significant risk.

*   Go to your nearest muster point:

  1. Car park entrance
  2. Main playground
  3. Year 1 playground

* DO NOT worry about getting your child(ren) to their correct playground/class. Just congregate in your nearest safe location. Your child(ren) will be registered as normal when they return to class and will not be penalised for being late into school

* DO NOT take your child home.

* Please remain at the muster point until we are sure that the building is safe and the all clear has been given by myself, Mrs Poplett or other senior leader in charge.

Can I also remind all you that, for safeguarding reasons, parents and carers are not permitted inside the school during school hours unless you are attending a planned event. Infant parents are allowed to come into their child’s class in the mornings and help with coats and bags but please leave by the playground exits and not move through the corridors inside the school building.

Thank you all for your support in helping to keep our school, children, parents/carers, staff and visitors safe. In the unfortunate event of real fire I am confident that our pupils know how to respond but I want to ensure that other visitors to our site know how to act when the fire alarm goes off.

Best wishes,

Mr R J Griffin