House Points Weekly Totals

House Teams

Our school vision is that every child at Purley Oaks feels supported, valued and challenged. House teams are a valuable way of promoting this vision because they help to create a sense of community and champion team work.

The school’s house point competition and inter-house challenges encourage pupil collaboration from Nursery to Year 6. Children benefit from being members of mixed age school teams; it fosters supportive relationships between different year groups, as well as providing pupils with a varied range of interesting challenges. A balanced mix of boys and girls make up our four house teams, which are: Haling, Coombe, Croham and Bynes.

Each house is led by a Year 6 House and Vice Captain. At the beginning of the school year pupils from Year 6 are invited to apply for the role by writing an application letter to the Headteacher, Mr Griffin. Their applications outline the qualities they feel they can bring to the leadership role, as well as their skills and ideas that could contribute to the organisation of house events during the year.

Our House and Vice Captains are:

Coombe: Irvin– Captain, Jackson- Vice Captain

Croham: Racheal– Captain, Josiah- Vice Captain

Haling: Elijah– Captain, Akram- Vice Captain

Bynes: Kal– Captain, Rhea- Vice Captain

Children can earn points individually within the house point system, as well as a team during whole school events such as Sports Day or our inter-house challenges. Individual points are awarded for determination, resilience and for perseverance in overcoming learning challenges. At the end of each half term house points are totalled up and during a special celebration assembly the house with the highest points are awarded the very shiny House Cup! The house point totals are updated weekly and the inter-house challenge results are published after each event: