Our Neighbourhood

As you know our school is in the middle of a residential area and we work hard to maintain good relationships with our neighbours.

We are therefore asking that we consider how our actions may impact on our local community.

Please read the following which we received from a local resident this week:

‘Most morning and afternoons we have to witness cars abandoned in the road by the rear gate whilst parents get out and escort their child/children to school.  There is no passing space so the road becomes blocked.  We also have loud music from parents parked in the road.  I’m sure if I was to park outside their house with the windows down and music blaring they would find it offensive. Why should they be allowed to do this where I live?

 We also have a litter problem.  Bags of rubbish, crisp packets, tissues, etc. litter the pavement and whilst we have a very good road sweep he doesn’t come round every day.  

 It would be appreciated if the parents could be advised that it is residential area, and whilst it may not be somewhere they live, other people do and we would appreciate some respect for our environment.’

 I am sure you will understand these frustrations. We appreciate the school is placed on a narrow one-way street so parking is particularly difficult and we know that parking is a big issue for all schools. However, we would request that you park with consideration for the residents of Bynes Road, Rolleston Road and Sanderstead Road.

Please also try not to dispose of litter in the street, not only because it is upsetting to our neighbours, but also because it blows back into the school where the children are learning. There are bins available in all the playgrounds that you are welcome to use.

Please help us to be a school within a harmonious community. We are very aware that the vast majority of our families respect the rights of our local residents and thank you for your support in this matter.