Pride in Excellence School Awards

As part of the school reward system, every week two children in each class from Year 1 to Year 6 are awarded a PRIDE IN EXCELLENCE certificate.

These certificates are a very special achievement and are presented by the Headteacher in recognition of those pupils who represent the learning qualities of the school, ARACE: Aspirational, Resilient, Autonomous, Collaborative and Enquiring.

We are proud to announce that this weeks certificates are awarded to:

Name: Class: Awarded for:
Elijah 1A being aspirational during English. Elijah was able to explain how a polar bear has adapted to its habitat. Well done Elijah, Keep up the beautiful, neat work.
Iona 1A being aspirational in maths. We have been comparing numbers and Iona was able to correctly partition numbers into tens and ones, say one more/less than a given number and use the greater than/less than and equal to sign correctly. Well done Iona, keep up the hard work.
Elijah 1C working autonomously in maths. Elijah has been comparing numbers within 50, using greater than, less than and equal to. He gave a great explanation to the challenge, stating that half of the statement was correct, but part was also wrong and how.
Inayah 1C being aspirational during English. Inayah was able to describe how the badger has adapted to its habitat and used the word camouflage. Well done Inayah!
Roman 1W being aspirational in maths. Roman has been comparing numbers within 50 by counting in tens and then ones. He has been able to explain how he knows when a number is greater than or less than another number and has been sharing his thoughts with the rest of the class. Keep up the good work Roman!
Tudor-Ionut 1W being autonomous in maths. Tudor has been able to compare numbers within 50 and can talk about how many tens and ones they have. He has also been using the correct language of greater than and less than. Well done Tudor!
Ajay 2B his aspirational attitude towards his learning. Ajay has been working well in phonics and is using his sounds when reading and writing. Well done Ajay!
Eirin 2B working autonomously in maths when finding a fraction of a number or shape. She presented her work neatly and shared her answers and reasons with the class. Well done Eirin!
Jayden 2R working autonomously in maths. Jayden is able to find half of a shape. He is beginnig to understand how to find half of a quantity and knows which resources to select to support him. Well done Jayden.
Anna Luisa 2R working autonomously in maths. Anna has been working hard to understand fractions. She is able to work out half of a shape and half of a quantity. Excellent work Anna.
Rojyar 2T working autonomously to create detailed, imaginative sentences for our work in GPS, using a range of powerful adjectives. Rojyar is resilient in his approach to his learning. Well done keep it up!
Abdulrahman 2T becoming an autonomous learner. Abdulrahman has gained confidence, he has settled down and is more resilient in his approach to his learning. He is happy to share his good ideas with the class. Well done Abdulrahman. Keep up the hard work!
Afsa 3G showing resilience when learning new concepts in maths. Afsa has been joining in more in class discussions and sharing her ideas with her peers. She understands that to measure length we start at 0cm or mm and can convert cm to mm. Well done Afsa!
Ella 3G showing excellent resilience and settling back into school life after lockdown. Ella has completed extra work and ensures that she seeks help for any learning missed during lockdown. She is completing her work to a high standard and comes in with a smile everyday. Well done Ella!
Philip 3H an excellent attitude across all subjects. Philip has impressed me with his enthusiasm and determination when reading and practicing his phonics. Well done Philip.
Amber Rose 3H an excellent attitude towards her school work across all subject. Amber has impressed me with her enthusiasm in maths and her confidence in joining in with class discussions.
Hritika 3Y making a brilliant return to school. She seems much more confident in all subject areas and is offering ideas and producing well thought-out carefully written pieces of work!
Lacie 3Y returning to school with a real thirst to learn. She is listening carefully to instructions and producing some really thoughtful pieces of work. Well done Lacie!
Bobby 4D being able to turn his behaviour round and make the right decision. You reflected on events and made the right choice. This meant that you focused even more and your participation for the rest of the day was brilliant. Well done.
Yogitha 4D aspirational learning in maths this week. We were learning quite tricky concepts as part of our fractions topic and you managed to logically work out and reason really well. Well done!
Angelina 4J working aspirationally in mathematics. Angelina made great progress when learning about fractions. She is now able to find fractions of a quantity and calculate the total number from a given fraction of an amount. She worked resiliently when challenged and is now confident when tackling problems involving fractions. I am so proud of you! Well done.
Saalim 4J being aspirational in his mathematics learning. Saalim challenged himself when learning about fractions and solved tricky problems using his number knowledge, timetables and fraction knowledge. He worked independently and produced amazing learning. I am so proud of him! Keep it up.
Jadaisha 4S her collaborative skills when problem solving in maths - well done.
Farzona 4S her hard work and collaborative skills in overcoming numeracy challenges.
Harley 5F forming an amazing collaboration with his partner in maths last week.  Together, they worked hard to develop their resilience, confidence and knowledge when tackling questions involving improper fractions and mixed numbers.  It was great to see such a wonderful attitude towards learning!
Shania 5F forming an amazing collaboration with her partner in maths last week.  Together, they worked hard to develop their resilience, confidence and knowledge when tackling questions involving improper fractions and mixed numbers.  It was great to see such a wonderful attitude towards learning!
Arjin 5S stepping up and contributing in all her lessons this week. She has a new found confidence which is shining bright. Her sharing of ideas is valued by her peers and inspires others to do the same.
Catarina 5S meeting every challenge with a smile on her face. She always has the perfect balance of giving things a go and knowing when to ask for help. She shows care towards others and care in her learning. She is a wonderful role model in showing how to see light in all that we do.
Abduljabar 6G making such a positive start at Purley Oaks. Abdul is constantly engaged, participates in lessons and works to the best of his abilities. He is a delightful addition to the 6G dream team and brings an added bit of sunshine! Keep up the fantastic effort Abdul.
Sarah 6G her fantastic efforts since joining 6G in the classroom. Sarah has been extremely resilient in class and produced some fantastic writing last week! She put so much effort in that her arm hurt from writing so much! Sarah engages with all lessons and participates well. Keep up the amazing efforts Sarah.
Nana 6H really improving his writing and having an aspirational attitude to his learning.  Last week, Nana was so enthusiastic and proud of his writing, he shared it with his classmates.  In his story about Spring's daughter, he used lovely descriptions by using noun phrases and prepositional phrases.  Well done.
Luwaita 6H showing her aspirational attitude to her writing.  Last week, she wrote a brilliant story about Spring's Child using lovely description,  Her writing was so good, we could visualise the scene.  Well done!
Kailen 6W writing an exceptional story on the Spring's Child. Amazing vocabulary, fantastic sentence structure, brilliant cohesion between paragraphs and just bought to life a lovely friendship.  A great piece of writing.
Yusuf Mohammad 6W working hard in maths -  asking when he needs to and helping others.  The new topic was challenging for many, but he persisted and began to understand the main concepts.  He did very well.