As part of the school reward system, every week two children in each class from Year 1 to Year 6 are awarded a PRIDE IN EXCELLENCE certificate.

These certificates are a very special achievement and are presented by the Headteacher in recognition of those pupils who represent the learning qualities of the school, ARACE: Aspirational, Resilient, Autonomous, Collaborative and Enquiring.

We are proud to announce that this weeks certificates are awarded to:

Name: Class: Awarded for:
David 1C his positive attitude to learning. David has shown resilience in reading and can now read over 18 high frequency words. He has worked hard in phonics and is applying these skills in his writing. Well done David!
Isabella 1C the way she approached English learning last week. Isabella really showed what an autonomous learner she can be by creating a plan for her own version of the Dirty Great Dinosaur! I cant wait to read the finished story! Well done Isabella!
Steven 1H his aspirational writing last week. Steven has been enthused by his love of dinosaurs to write a lengthy piece. I have also been very impressed by how neat Steven’s handwriting has become. Well done Steven!
Vasileios 1H the way he approached Maths learning last week. Vasilios really showed what an autonomous learner he can be by working out subtraction equations mentally. Well done Vasilios!
Azariah 1W making such an improvement in his handwriting. He has persevered and practised his handwriting at home and at school and this has had a huge effect on the presentation of his work. Well done Azariah, we are very proud of you.
Alaya Alema 1W making such an improvement in reading. Alaya has been using the sounds she has learned in phonics to segment and blend words she is unsure of. She has been practising her reading lots at home which has helped with her progress, Well done Alaya! We are very proud of you.
Nishanth Reddy 2B working autonomously to solve a maths investigation. He used his skills with number complements to complete the task and was willing to support others who found it challenging. Well done Nishanth!
Rahand 2B his effort in phonics lessons and with his reading. Rahand has moved up a phonics group and is enjoying reading with an adult. He is beginning to share his views on the story. Well done Rahand!
Benjamin 2M having a brilliant attitude towards learning. He has made great progress across the curriculum and continues to improve in everything he does. He always works to the best of his ability and enjoys working autonomously and collaboratively. He strives for success!
Lacey 2M really trying hard in Year 2. Her enthusiasm for sharing her ideas in class is exemplary. She has also worked really hard to improve her handwriting presentation. Well done Lacey!
Francesca 2R being aspirational in maths. Francesca has a fantastic attitude to maths even though this is a subject she can find challenging. She is always resilient and tries her best no matter what. Francesca has been learning all about division and is beginning to solve problems using the sharing method. Excellent work Francesca keep it up!
Leyla 2R being aspirational in her writing. Leyla is really trying to engage her reader by making her work even better by choosing exciting vocabulary. She is including speech, similes and expanded noun phrases. Excellent work Leyla!
Yogita 3G being autonomous in maths. Yogita used the inverse operation to solve division problems effectively. Well done Yogita, we are really proud of you!
Zohaib 3G being resilient in maths. Zohaib divided 3 digit multiples of 8 using his prior knowledge of the 8 times table and dividing double digit multiples of 8. Well done for persevering. We are very proud of you.
Alexander 3J being aspirational in maths whilst learning division. Alex used his mathematical knowledge and understanding of division to autonomously complete his maths reasoning. He was able to explain his thought process, using the bar model and his times table knowledge to work out the correct answer to a two-step problem. I am very proud of you Alex! Keep up the amazing work.
Laveisha 3J having an aspirational attitude to learning! During her first week at Purley Oaks Primary School, Laveisha displayed an autonomous attitude towards her learning and worked collaboratively with her peers. During Science, Laveisha worked resiliently with a group of her peers to successfully make an air-powered car and was able to confidently explain the scientific theory of forces behind her experiment. We are very proud of you Laveisha!
Blessing 3RS becoming a more confident learner. Blessing is participating more in class discussions. She is challenging herself to tackle more difficult questions in her maths.
I’Marni 3RS trying harder in her maths work. She is challenging herself to tackle more difficult questions and becoming more resilient.
Andrew 4D making great observations and working collaboratively in our science lesson about magnets.
Jazziah 4D contributing well and working collaboratively in our magnets lesson.
Mariah 4S her achievements in writing – increased use of innovation and interesting vocabulary.
Pablo 4S increased effort and achievement in his writing – using vocabulary to interest the reader.
Tanisha 4T consistently working to the best of her ability. Tanisha is very focused in all subject areas and takes a great deal of pride in the presentation of her work. She works extremely hard and as a result is making good progress. Well done Tanisha.
Dylan 4T creating a vibrant volcano picture. Dylan used a variety of bright coloured pastels and water colours, choosing carefully for maximum effect. As a result his picture really stands out. Well done Dylan.
Joshua 5F writing a fantastic version of The Man Who Couldn’t Lose. Joshua worked hard to consider his use of short sentence to create suspense and punctuated his speech perfectly.
Kamran 5F working hard to improve all areas of his learning.   Kamran worked well to independently find ways to improve his writing, explain his mathematical reasoning and share his thoughts about Tudor explorers. Keep it up!
Luwaita 5H a consistently excellent attitude in Maths lessons. Luwaita is keen to complete her work and then has a lovely caring attitude and is always willing to share her knowledge and understanding by helping her classmates.
Scarlett 5H a consistently excellent attitude in Maths lessons. Scarlett is keen to complete her work and then has a lovely caring attitude and is always willing to share her knowledge and understanding by helping her classmates.
Zara 5S being resilient in maths this week when working with fractions. She used a range of resources to help solidify her previous learning and she was able to show and explain what a fraction was. She also began to successfully find some equivalent fractions.
Holly 5S Holly upped her game in writing this week when finishing her version of ‘The Man who couldn’t Lose’. She used a range of techniques to help build suspense which resulted in an interesting and tension filled piece of writing. Keep up the autonomy!
Sulanche 6H making big improvements in her writing. Due to are aspirational attitude she is thinking about her sentences, making sure they make sense. Last week she produced at good recount which used good vocabulary and was coherent. Well done!
Carlos 6H showing his aspirational attitude to all areas of his learning. Carlos is making excellent progress in maths, reading and in his writing. He works hard every lesson and always tries to improve. Well done!
Sofia 6W making an excellent effort in writing her diary entry.   She used vocabulary from the time period, empathised with the characters situation and worked independently throughout.
David 6W writing a diary entry. He was able to describe the animals and plant life along the edge of the Amazon and used paragraphs to set his work out clearly.