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main-sporting-festival-2016Latest POPS Sporting News

Cross Country Competition:
On 13th October our Cross Country team represented the school at the Croydon Cross Country Competition. Four children represented the school, for Years 3 and 4. Our highest position was achieved by Chloe, reaching 44th out of 225 students. A huge congratulations to all the students who took part and showed resilience, passion and enthusiasm.

Purley Oaks Vs Forestdale:
Purley Oaks Football team played a league match against Forestdale Primary School. The children’s performance was skilfull, yet it was their determination that shone through. Despite conceding an early goal, the team fought back to end on a 2-2 draw.

In the second game the team also showed a strong work ethic and very good teamwork. However, they were not so lucky and had Mr Mullings as a referee. The team still managed to draw their game with a 1-1 final score.

The teams deserve a big congratulations for their overall performance. They have come a long way since September. We hope their skill, determination and desire to win will continue until the season finishes. Keep it up!

Please see the attached PDF for the rest of this term’s sporting fixtures.